Stop playing this broken phone game
when we were kids we used to play...

     Aye there is no childish innocence
     in any grown up's Universes.

This game is billion years old
played by monkeys
or Homo sapiens junkies.
     Guaranteed we all  played it wrong
   We're translation of mother tongue.
  We're the countries, races and nations
      Not the children without a little patience.

But translation in this game makes consequences.
Because we've made some language conventions.
           They said "God's not deaf"
We heard "God is already dead"
           They said "don't kill"
We heard "do it. you will?"

We forgot what this game teaches us
trust not what you heard, but only your guts.

At the beginning It might have been a sound,
meaning all of the divine around.
But we talked through the broken phones,
translating all along to friends and foes.
We knew the rules: don't stop until it's right...
Just play along
don't take anybody's side.
      We invented differences between divine and divinity
between God and gods.
  We tried to be peculiar imagining diversities in words.

      might became Jesus
           and after a while - evils.
      might became Shiva
             and after a while - fever.
So all I ask for you to do
is keep the tolerance with you.
Don't play inventor, don't play along.
Can't understand the word - hang up the phone.
And if you'd feel sometimes alone
one thing will always to you... belong:

      Love - by all means -
is always what it seems.

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